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Getting started

The core concept of Jaculus-machine is a Machine type. A Machine is parametrized by MFeatures that should be part of it. Machine is created using stack inheritance. At the bottom of the stack, there is always jac::MachineBase which provides the basic functionality. For example, a Machine with core MFeatures can be created like this:

#include <jaculus/machine.h>
#include <jaculus/features/stdioFeature.h>
#include <jaculus/features/filesystemFeature.h>
#include <jaculus/features/basicStreamFeature.h>
#include <jaculus/features/moduleLoaderFeature.h>
#include <jaculus/features/util/ostreamjs.h>

using Machine = jac::ComposeMachine<

After the Machine type is defined, we can create its instance:

Machine machine;

Then we can configure the Machine - we can, for example, set the output streams of the stdio MFeature:

machine.stdio.out = machine.stdio.out = std::make_unique<OsWritable<Machine>>(std::cout);
machine.stdio.err = machine.stdio.err = std::make_unique<OsWritable<Machine>>(std::cerr);

At this point, we still can not run any JavaScript code, nor can we interact with the runtime in any way. For that, we first need to initialize the Machine:


After the Machine is initialized, we can finally run some JavaScript code:

jac::Value result = machine.eval("console.log('Hello, world!');", "<stdin>", jac::EvalFlags::Global);

Or we can evaluate a JavaScript file using ModuleLoaderFeature::evalFile method:

jac::Value result = machine.evalFile("./main.js", jac::EvalFlags::Global);

Both eval and evalFile, however, only evaluate the code and do not control the event loop. For that, we would need EventLoopFeature.


MFeatures are the building blocks of a Machine. The stack design of Machine allows interfacing with different MFeatures in C++ directly and to implement new MFeatures on top of existing ones without a large performance penalty.

Only the most basic and necessary MFeatures are included with the library:

  • jac::MachineBase - the base class of all Machines. It provides the basic functionality of the runtime.
  • jac::EventQueueFeature - provides an event queue built on top of the standard library.
  • jac::EventLoopFeature - provides a default event loop implementation.
  • jac::FileystemFeature - provides filesystem access through fs and path modules
  • jac::ModuleLoaderFeature - provides module loading through import, and evalFile method
  • jac::BasicStreamFeature - provides Readable and Writable abstract classes
  • jac::StdioFeature - provides stdio streams and console interface
  • jac::TimersFeature - provides typical JavaScript timers (with a slight difference) and a sleep function