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jac::Atom is a type that represents identifiers of a JavaScript properties, variables, functions etc. It can be used in place of std::string for better performance.

Creating atoms

Atoms can be created from a string using the jac::Atom::create method:

jac::ContextRef ctx = ...;

jac::Atom atom1 = jac::Atom::create(ctx, "foo");
jac::Atom atom2 = jac::Atom::create(ctx, 123);


Most functions in Jaculus-machine that take a string identifier as an argument also have an overload that takes a jac::Atom argument.

jac::ContextRef ctx = ...;

jac::Object global = ctx.getGlobalObject();

jac::Atom atom = jac::Atom::create(ctx, "foo");
jac::Value value = global.get(atom);