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Class jac::EventLoopFeature

template <class Next>

ClassList > jac > EventLoopFeature


  • #include <eventLoopFeature.h>

Inherits the following classes: Next

Public Functions

Type Name
void exit (int code)
int getExitCode ()
void initialize ()
void kill ()
void onEventLoop ()
void runEventLoop ()
virtual void runOnEventLoop () = 0

Detailed Description


The EventLoopFeature must be companied by EventLoopTerminal at the top of the Machine stack.

Public Functions Documentation

function exit

inline void jac::EventLoopFeature::exit (
    int code

function getExitCode

inline int jac::EventLoopFeature::getExitCode () 

function initialize

inline void jac::EventLoopFeature::initialize () 

function kill

inline void jac::EventLoopFeature::kill () 

function onEventLoop

inline void jac::EventLoopFeature::onEventLoop () 

function runEventLoop

inline void jac::EventLoopFeature::runEventLoop () 

function runOnEventLoop

virtual void jac::EventLoopFeature::runOnEventLoop () = 0

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file src/jac/features/eventLoopFeature.h