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Class jac::FilesystemFeature::Path

ClassList > jac > FilesystemFeature > Path

Public Functions

Type Name
Path (FilesystemFeature & feature)
std::string basename (std::string path_)
std::string dirname (std::string path_)
std::string join (std::vector< std::string > paths)
std::string normalize (std::string path_)

Public Functions Documentation

function Path

inline jac::FilesystemFeature::Path::Path (
    FilesystemFeature & feature

function basename

inline std::string jac::FilesystemFeature::Path::basename (
    std::string path_

function dirname

inline std::string jac::FilesystemFeature::Path::dirname (
    std::string path_

function join

inline std::string jac::FilesystemFeature::Path::join (
    std::vector< std::string > paths

function normalize

inline std::string jac::FilesystemFeature::Path::normalize (
    std::string path_

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