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Class jac::TimersFeature::Timer

ClassList > Timer

Public Functions

Type Name
Timer (std::function< void()> callback, std::chrono::milliseconds duration, int id, bool isRepeating=false)
void cancel ()
std::function< void()> getCallback ()
std::chrono::time_point< std::chrono::steady_clock > getEndTime () const
int getId () const
bool isCancelled () const
bool isRepeating () const
bool operator< (const Timer & other) const
void update ()

Public Functions Documentation

function Timer

inline Timer::Timer (
    std::function< void()> callback,
    std::chrono::milliseconds duration,
    int id,
    bool isRepeating=false

function cancel

inline void Timer::cancel () 

function getCallback

inline std::function< void()> Timer::getCallback () 

function getEndTime

inline std::chrono::time_point< std::chrono::steady_clock > Timer::getEndTime () const

function getId

inline int Timer::getId () const

function isCancelled

inline bool Timer::isCancelled () const

function isRepeating

inline bool Timer::isRepeating () const

function operator<

inline bool Timer::operator< (
    const Timer & other
) const

function update

inline void Timer::update () 

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