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Struct jac::detail::is_base_of_template_impl

template <template< typename... > class Base, typename Derived typename Derived>

ClassList > jac > detail > is_base_of_template_impl


Type Name
struct check <A, class Void>
struct check< A, std::void_t< A< Derived > > > <A>

Public Types

Type Name
typedef decltype(is_callable(std::declval< T * >())) is_callable_t
typedef check< is_callable_t > value_t

Public Static Functions

Type Name
constexpr void is_callable (Base< Ts... > *)

Public Types Documentation

typedef is_callable_t

using jac::detail::is_base_of_template_impl< Base, Derived >::is_callable_t =  decltype(is_callable(std::declval<T*>()));

typedef value_t

using jac::detail::is_base_of_template_impl< Base, Derived >::value_t =  check<is_callable_t>;

Public Static Functions Documentation

function is_callable

template<typename... Ts>
static constexpr void jac::detail::is_base_of_template_impl::is_callable (
    Base< Ts... > *

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